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VIC $15,000 Best of the Best

November $15,000 VIC Best of the Best

Club Italia  |  Saturday, 23rd November

VIC Best of the Best Qualifiers List

VIC Best of the Best AUGUST 2019 WINNER

Congratulations to the new Season 2 VIC BEST OF THE BEST winner Sharon Laurence travelling the West Gate from The Settlement Hotel in Cranbourne. 190 runners Sharon got it in good against young Tyler Shanahan and came out on-top winning the full $2,500 CASH and securing a seat to the 2020 APL Millions.

Total Prize pool $15,000.00

Total APL Millions tickets won: 3

Congratulations to our runner up Tyler Shanahan from the Wonthaggi Region scooping $1,500.00 CASH also claiming his first 2020 APL Millions seat.

Tony Townsend comes in at third place hailing from Hastings down the Mornington Peninsula Region also picking up an 2020 APL Millions Ticket.

Sharon did not find herself the chip leader of the final table until towards the end of the evening as Tony T had a strong lead from early on but the cards did not fall his way! It was only a few hands after tony was knocked out that Sharon and Tyler found them selves all in for the match point

  • LAST HAND: Sharon Pushes all in with A, 10 offsuit against K, 7 offsuit. Tyler was at risk but felt that the King would keep him in the game for a bit longer!
  • FLOP 9, 8, 6 -- Giving Both Sharon and Tyler a straight draw
  • TURN J
  • RIVER A to secure the win for Sharon with a pair of Aces!

Stats: Sharon 64.8% vs Tyller 34.8% pre Flop.
Congratulations again to the Best Player of VIC Season 2!
A big thank you to all the bad beats, lucky flops, bricky turns and TILTING rivers we had a great Saturday at Club Italia, who did a great job in hosting us all!
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VIC $15,000 Best of the Best



12 noon registration for a 1pm start


The qualification criteria for this $15,000 BOTB and future BOTB events is as follows:

  • Top 3 on all game leaderboards
  • Top 20 of the APL State leaderboard
  • Top 5 of a Region leaderboard

If a player has qualified more than once they will not drop off and push another name up. This is the reason multiple people have qualified multiple times.

As of this BOTB, the total prize pool will be $15,000! This is broken down as follows:

*** $10,500 CASH

*** Three (3) seats into the APL Million ($1,000,000 GUARANTEED EVENT) (worth $1,500 each)

** Big Blind ante will pay equivalent to the small blind each hand

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1 203.00
2 187.00
3 186.00
4 185.00
5 182.00
6 178.00
7 177.00
8 176.00
9 176.00
10 174.00
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