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APL Grand Slam


Congratulations to the season 3 Victorian Grand Slam winner Alen Praporski! Alan made it two from two for Millers Inn regulars, with last season’s winner, Andrew Roberts, also a regular at Millers.

It was a hard fought weekend of poker and Alen managed to top the huge field of 246 runners. Les Hazlehurst from Sandown Park came in second. After a cash split Alen walked away with $8,500 cash and an APL Million ticket while Les scored $8,000 cash and an APL Million ticket.

Les and Alen battled it out with Les tending to be more aggressive while Alen waited patiently to spring the trap. Alen started the final table with one fifth of the total chips and found himself chip leader once it was heads-up. A split was negotiated but the winner still needed to be determined with $500 and bragging rights on the line.

Blinds were 500,000/1,000,000 with Les on the small blind raising to 2mil then Alen raising to 4 mil with Les calling to see the flop.

Flop came 9,J,5 with two Clubs. After two long days Les acted out of turn (probably thinking he has to go home to feed his dog) with an all in, Alen quickly thought about it and made the call!

The Showdown had arrived! Les pushed with Q,J and Alen called with K,J the run out from here was an 8 and a 6, with Alen having the majority of the chips in play at the time he secured his first major win after only starting to play poker back in January of this year!

FLOP 9,J,5

TURN 8 - Brick

RIVER 6 - Brick

Stats: Alen 78.3% vs Les 18.1% with a small chance of a tie, when the chips went in the middle. In the end it was Alen who took the win after a great weekend of play!

The event saw an incredible $65,000 prize pool distributed, which included 11 tickets to next year’s APL Million!

A big thank you to all the bad beats, lucky flops, bricky turns and TILTING rivers we had this weekend at Matthew Flinders Hotel, who did a great job in hosting us all especially the waiter Matt who spent the majority of his weekend watering us all!

See you at the next Grand Slam! See our website for details of how to qualify.


Victoria’s APL Grand Slam is here! Returning in January 2020.

This is a HUGE weekend with a great range of side events for those who do not qualify or are sent to the rail early. The long blinds and deep stacks mean that this is an event not to missed!

The Grand Slam is a qualifier only tournament with entry limited to the Grand Slam qualifying venues leaderboard or anyone who plays 30 Grand Slam qualifying events. These venues are part of ALH Group.

If the venue has more than one event per week, the top 15 on each of the nightly leaderboards and the top 15 on the venue leaderboard will qualify through.

A full list of the Grand Slam venues can be found by keeping an eye out for the Grand Slam qualifying venues on our daily schedules at playapl.com. 

There will be a $3 prize pool fee per player at each of the events that are not FreeRolls. 100% of these funds will go towards the prize pool. At the event there is a $25 optional addon of which 100% will be placed into the prize pool helping to generate at least $42,500 in cash and 5x $1500 APL Million seats. 

If the prize pool does not exceed $50,000 APL will pay the difference.  If the prize pool exceeds $50,000 cash will be paid out to the top 10% of players.

Tips to Qualify!

- Play the same night, at the same venue every week!  By doing this you increase your chances of getting on a venue leaderbaord.

- It is easier to qualify through a venue with less players! 

How the leaderboards work.

- Top 16 of each event get extra points, you get 10 points for playing and 1st will receive 125 points + the number of players at the event.

- If you get points early on, you are in a good position, keep playing that event over the season to help qualify!

*Please note, APL has the right to add extra qualifiers to the event at their discretion.  This can be done by extending qualifications, running satellite events or by special invite.

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