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Players play poker for the passion, the entertainment and of course the satisfaction of winning!  One of the major bonuses of playing within a league structure is the ability to rack up points and prizes as you progress and improve.

From nightly prizes for final table players to the highly lucrative finals structure, with the odd fantastic promotion thrown in, the Australia Poker League has a great range of prizes for players.

We love giving away prizes in the Australian Poker League and there are many different ways to win them.

Check out the links below for the details on what you might win! 


Nightly Prizes

Regional Prizes

If you ever have any questions in relation to prizing and what you could win please do not hesitate to send an email to info@playAPL.com or visit our Facebook page and post to our wall.

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1 203.00
2 187.00
3 186.00
4 185.00
5 182.00
6 178.00
7 177.00
8 176.00
9 176.00
10 174.00
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