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About APL

APL is the world's largest free-to-play poker league, home to nearly 750,000 members throughout Australia. The APL Poker experience is unique delivering casino-standard poker to local pubs and clubs. 

 What truly sets APL poker apart from the rest is that while it is often FREE to play, APL players have won more than AUD$25million in CASH AND PRIZES since it began in 2005.

APL’s overriding philosophy has always been to make poker accessible to as many people as possible. This means that anyone ­and everyone ­ can enjoy the game for free, without risking a cent! We truly believe that Poker is Everybody’s Game!

As an entertainment provider, APL gets paid by the pubs, clubs or hotels that choose to hold APL poker in their venues. We have close to 2,200 fantastic venues supporting us, so that we can offer free Poker to their customers: people like you. 

As Poker in Australia continues to grow, so too has the APL. We now offer a wide range of Pro Series events for those players ready to Step Up their game. These games, where permitted by State legislation, adopt a registration fee which is applied to assist in generating the daily prize pool, allowing events to give away even MORE CASH to MORE PLAYERS, MORE OFTEN!

With the evolution of poker, we have introduced regular Special Events, held monthly and quarterly, allowing all players the opportunity to get the BIG GAME poker experience at little to no cost to themselves. We’ve hosted not one, but TWO MILLION DOLLAR TOURNAMENTS and now offer a twice-yearly MAIN EVENT where we award more than $500,000 in CASH AND PRIZES at each event! 

Regardless of if you live in the big smoke or are simply after a friendly game at ‘the local’ there’s sure to be a tournament nearby! Follow this link to find a venue near you.

Whether you're an expert or a beginner, APL’s well-trained and friendly Tournament Directors will help you learn in a friendly environment.   A good game of poker is made all the more enjoyable when you’re also having a great time with family and friends

We’re passionate about Poker, and that passion has helped us grow to be the world’s best poker-based entertainment provider! What are you waiting for? Come join us at a game (or two) today for your chance to Live Your Poker Dream!

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