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Regional Prizes

Most APL regions operate a monthly special event, known as a Regional Final as a means of rewarding players who have won or made a Final Table at their local events.  These events usually offer up HUGE prizes including CASH, entry into our flagship MAIN EVENT and other fantastic prizes.

Qualification into the Regional Finals varies by region, so be sure to ask your local TD how you can qualify!

In addition to this, many regions celebrate their venue and regional champions; those players who have risen to the top of the leaderboard over the course of a 3-month season.  With extra incentives like prizes for Bounty winners including APL-branded chipsets, playing cards and other goodies, there’s much more than just CASH to be won whilst playing APL!!


regional prizes

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1 203.00
2 187.00
3 186.00
4 185.00
5 182.00
6 178.00
7 177.00
8 176.00
9 176.00
10 174.00
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