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Host a Tournament

 Australian Poker League (APL) has been designed to drive revenue growth at a venue level through our poker-as-entertainment hospitality offering. 

• APL is run by a passionate team of people with vast experience in the poker, hospitality and entertainment industries. 

• At the local level, APL is run by experienced and dedicated licensees. Truly invested in the product, these licensees work closely with venues to ensure they derive the maximum return on their poker investment. 

• APL holds more than 2,500 games every month throughout Australia delivering chances for players to win life-changing amounts of cash at our special and main events. 



We offer a wide variety of poker events to cater for your market including: 

• Free-to-play tournaments 

• Pro-Series and cash entry games (state laws permitting) 

• Special events to keep things fresh such as ladies events, teams events and bounty events 

• Increased visitation from regular customers and introduction of new customers by delivering extra reasons to visit. 

We use loyalty reward cards to incentivise patrons to spend more at your venue. 

Our highly-skilled Tournament Directors are trained to up-sell your venue’s offerings throughout the game. 

APL delivers local players access to events offering huge prize-pools and special events at no additional cost to you. 

We promote poker at your venues through SMS, email blasts, website listings, social media and promotional material. 

We provide everything you need to run professional, top quality equipment from tables to cards to software and 


For more information on hosting a poker tournament, contact Full House Group on 03 9644 1600 or email info@fullhousegroup.com.au

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