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We would like to introduce all APL and 888PL players to the latest innovation from the Full House Group; the Achievements Program.

A first for any Poker League in Australia players are now able to achieve rewards for reaching certain milestones or accomplishing great success within the Leagues. 

There are five tiers of Achievements:

GAME ACHIEVEMENTS – simply play as many games to climb to the heights of this tier.

REWARDS ACHIEVEMENTS – as of July 1st, 2012 we track the winnings of our players. The more you win the more you will be recognised by your poker playing peers.

LEAGUE AWARDS – these rewards are based around achievements within your league; such as first final table, first win or even your 50th win.

BRACELET AWARDS – these awards are for our more adventurous players and some effort has to be put in to achieve at this high level.

TROPHY ACHIEVEMENTS – these are the hardest to achieve and our major rewards for players. To be noted as the best you need to achieve at this high level.

From July 1st of 2012 we have launch the first tier of Game and Rewards Achievements and our League Awards.  We will launch more achievements each season so be sure to keep in touch with us on Facebook and return to the site to check out what you have achieved thus far.

To view your achievements you simply need to log in to the website and click on the My Achievements link on the home page.

Throughout the year APL and 888PL players will be rewarded and recognised for their achievements via secret tournaments, prize giveaways and other promotional methods.

So with that in mind, get out and start ACHIEVING!

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