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Full House Group

Full House Group is the proud home of some of your favorite in venue entertainment options such as Sportspick tipping competitions, InnQUIZitive Trivia as well as the 888pl and APL. Since we began over twelve years we have endeavored to develop and innovate our products so that you, the player, can enjoy free, high quality entertainment at your favorite venue.

We enjoy the fact we are able to bring Australians from all walks of life together, engaging them at the epicenter of Aussie communities; the pubs, clubs and hotels.

Our community connection often reaches even further, however, as we often deal with sporting clubs and other groups with our fundraising products. We were very proud to raise over $40,000 for those affected by Victoria’s devastating bushfires in 2009 through our Poker Bushfire Appeal.

We look forward to seeing you in your favourite venue soon, but if you need to contact the team at Full House Group please don’t hesitate to call on (03) 9644 1600 or email us on info@playapl.com

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