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First Time Login

Welcome to playAPL.com

If you would like to register to access all of the areas of our website you will need to initially register at an APL event.

Once you have registered in venue with one of our helpful TD’s, within 24 hours; you will be able to access the website using your Membership card number as your Login and your registered surname as your password!

Example: John Smith, Card Number APL00001



When you login you will have access to your very own player profile where you can track your Leaderboard placings, achievements and tournament results.

You can also update your player details so you can remain up to date with all APL promotions.

For more details please email info@playAPL.com.


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Place Name Points
1 1,110.00
2 966.50
3 966.00
4 950.00
5 933.50
6 875.00
7 874.50
8 842.50
9 800.50
10 786.50
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